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18 June 2022: The doe finally showed up with her new born. This is the first time I`ve seen a doe with only one fawn. All the years we`ve been her, there has always been two fawns with the doe`s. I`m sure the buzzards seen a few days ago was for the other fawn that didn`t make it. There is a photo of the doe and fawn on my page. It a litle blurry as it was captured with the trail cam from a distance.

17 June 2022: Another cloudy day with sprinkles. It keeps my grass wet and growing. Another jungle in the making. My trail cam finally captured the new fawn. Frisky little thing, checking out the compost bin. Its mom showed up on the trail cam numerous times in a 24 hour period. I used my chainsaw for the first time in a couple of months so it won`t be too long before I`m back in the hills cutting firewood. I`m looking forward to this years hunting season. I finished the European mount of Linda`s buck from the 2021 season. Just have to make a plaque for it now.

11 June 2022: Finally got our compost bin done. The garden is planted so now a waiting game. Our small herd of 4 deer have not been around for a week. One lonely doe is still hanging out with me as I work outside. Its raining today so no outside work. My lawn is looking like a jungle. The rain and then sunshine is making it grow like crazy. Gas in our area is now at $5.65 a gallon. That was yesterday so I am sure it more than that now. Seems like the price goes up every day.

05 June 2022: The pack of four deer hasn`t shown up in a few days. One lonely doe is here every day. My trail cam captures 20 videos of this lone doe but nothing else. The trail cam has been set up for 4 days. The pregnant doe is nowhere around. I deleted all the videos of this doe.

01 June 2022: Been busy these last few days, weed whacking the overgrown yard. Some of the grass was well over 2 feet high. Kind of wore out my whacker, weed that is. Set a gopher trap down below and by dark he hadn`t sprung the trap. This morning I found the hole open and my trap gone. I`m sure a fox or skunk got it. I searched and searched for the trap but never found it. I found the metal stake I had the trap connected to about 10 feet from the hole. The pregant doe has not shown up for a few days. I saw a vulture coming out of some thick brush. Hopefully it`s not a dead fawn. I didn't venture down into the brush to find out.

Pileated Woodpecker

A fox stealing one of my trapped gophers. Trail cam capture

This is what is boring little holes in our yard looking for bugs

Fox in our front yard, captured on our trail cam

Mama bear and her baby just below our house, captured on our trail cam

A redtail hawk circling overhead. This image shows why they are called a redtail.

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