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Bucks on the Property

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22 July 2022: Well, I thought I would write something here. I've been going over a lot of my stories which spans some 35+ years, from incidents happening in High School through my career and the years after my retirement. I've done a lot of research of many topics and I'll probably start putting some of my research material on a newsletter of webpage. I haven`t decide which, yet.

02 July 2022: Not much going on with this site. Eventually this domain will be gone and I`ll be concentrating on Everything is costing more. Interest rates have gone up, gas is crazy high and groceries are almost not attainable. The liberals are saying monkey pox is spreading and wouldn`t you know it, just in time for the mid term elections. F--k Joe Biden, the phony president.

Pileated Woodpecker

A fox stealing one of my trapped gophers. Trail cam capture

This is what is boring little holes in our yard looking for bugs

Fox in our front yard, captured on our trail cam

Mama bear and her baby just below our house, captured on our trail cam

A redtail hawk circling overhead. This image shows why they are called a redtail.

Dale Parker
Gentlemens Choice
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