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Harris Beach; the Blue Heron

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18 May 2022: A beautiful day with lots of sunshine and very little wind. We worked in the garden. I spotted a gopher digging so set the trap and caught him in less than an hour later. That is the second gopher in two days. I`ll need a lot more of them to make a coat, ha. Only one doe caught on the trail cam in the last 24 hours. I`m always hoping to get something other than deer.

14 May 2022: We`ve had a few days of rain but today it finally stopped. Our rain gauge is full so its time to empty it. I am going to set my trail cam this afternoon so we`ll see what is out there. I`m getting bored seeing the same ole deer on the cam. One of them is pregnant. She has been alone which is typical of a pregnant doe and her belly is getting big. Usually pregnant deer are loners and she doesn't tolerate any other being near her. Got our hunting license today along with application for the draw for elk and antlerless deer. Also tags for bear and mountain lion. So we`ll have a lot to shoot at if they show themselves.

07 May 2022: No rain today since sunrise but the cloud cover looks threatening. Its suppose to rain through Monday afternoon. I charged the battery in the quad and it started right up but the gas leak is something that needs to be attended to. My battery booster which will start a dead battery went haywire today and no longer works. I contacted Amazon and they will be sending me a replacement, free of charge. The one I have was discontinued so we`ll see how the replacement works. I was going to fly my drone today but the wind prevents that. The deer continue to circle our garden plot.

05 May 2022: We are under a storm watch for tonight. Other than that, not much is happening here on the mountain. I got the quad started and it ran for about a minute then stopped. I pulled the plug and used sandpaper on the point and it started again but quit after about 30 seconds. So I was in town and bought a new plug for it and installed it and it started right up. The true test will be when we can get it out of the garage and run it around for a while. I don't think the plug is the whole problem as there is a gas leak from the carb. I`ll work on that next.

30 Apr 2022: Last day of the month and we are ready to plant the garden. Been hand tilling the soil which is a lot of work but I don't mind. Interesting way I`m doing it but it works. The trail cam captured a couple of deer circling the plot, probably waiting for the plants to be put in the ground. The only other wildlife being captured on the cam was me working on the fencing around the garden. It rained off and on all day. I got wet.

25 Apr 2022: Finally caught a gopher in my trap. I saw him digging and set the trap but by dark, he was still free. Check the trap this morning and had him. He dragged the trap deep into his tunnel so I had to dig him out. I buried him in his tunnel. Gophers seems like the only fir I'm getting lately.

20 Apr 2022: We finally had a raccoon show up on the trail cam. First time in many months one has showed up. We had a fox the other night show up which was the first time in many months. We use to have fox and raccoons show up on the same video captured on the trail cam. Maybe they are starting to come back. We are expecting thunderstorms tonight with high winds and hail. Can`t wait.

This is what is boring little holes in our yard looking for bugs

Fox in our front yard

Mama bear and her baby just below our house, captured on our trail cam

A redtail hawk circling overhead

A redtail hawk circling overhead. This image shows why they are called a redtail.

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