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Drone Video, learning to hover and soft landing.

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Glassing the area above Packers Cabin

My first Mule Deer taken in the Madeline Plains, Lassen County: circa 1962.

Large bear caught on trail cam below our house.

Panning for gold on the Hurdy Gurdy.
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27 Jan 2021: Hell of a storm swept through here last night with heavy rain and 50 mph wind gusts. It was nice listening to it as long as you did not have to go outside. A nice fire in the fireplace and sitting at the desk working on my outdoor photos and some writing in my latest book kept me busy. My wood pile is getting small so I have to think about trekking up into the mountains to get a load. If the weather permits and I get my trailer full, I will try flying my drone to get some different scenery. But my priority is filling my trailer up with a tier or two of wood. I usually do not spot any wildlife when I go up cutting wood but I’ll keep my eyes open for any bears. I spotted one bear the last time up cutting wood.

25 Jan 2021: 38 degrees this morning but no rain so I took my drone out and flew it for a little bit. Again the GPS acted up and I trimmed a few branches off of one of the fir trees. The drone flew into it high up and I thought for sure it was going to be stuck up high but it kept falling and the props were still turning and it finally flew out of the branches and continued flying. I was surprised. Later in the day, I spotted a few deer down below the house so I got the drone and buzzed them and got up close. They were not afraid of the drone until I crashed it and had to walk down to where it was at and they ran off. This whole time I thought I had the video on but found out that I did not. Another time I will make sure the camera is on.

22 Jan 2021: Traveled to Medford today and found some wild weather from sleet over the mountain to heavy Rain on I-5. None of the restaurants were open so no nice dinner while there. During the entire trip over and back we didn’t see one form of wildlife which is unusual. Not even flying birds were seen. A lot of destruction along the highway from the Slater Fire this past fall. They are still logging the burned timber. The traffic was heavy so that would indicate a lot of unemployed people. Looking around, you would think you were in China. This mask crap is getting out of hand. You see a lot of stupid people alone in their cars driving about and wearing a mask. How stupid and ignorant is that. Just this last fall up hunting we saw people wearing masks.

16 Jan 2021: Another beautiful day with blue sky and hardly any wind. Perfect day to fly the drone but I have other things to attend to so it will not be in the air. Yesterday I did some short flights to learn how to hover at different heights and then the auto landing. The drone will slowly decend to about 6 feet from the ground, hesitate then come down to about 6 inches, hesitate for a second and then softly lands and turns itself off. kind of neat. I am going to take the drone with me when I go cut firewood and test it in new country. Looking forward to it. I posted a short video from the drone up at the top of this site to show the hovering and soft auto landing.

13 Jan 2021: Wildlife around here are in hiding. With the big storm yesterday dumping almost 6 inches of rain and winds exceeding 60 mph, they are nowhere to be found. It was nice sitting inside and listening to it all. It gave me time to go through my files and deleting a lot of stuff. Also going through boxes and trashing things I no longer have a use for. My burn pile is getting a lot of business. I am converting a 4 gun rack into a 2 gun rack. It is for my shotgun and air rifle. I am also getting all my metal detecting stuff together so when I decide to go, it will only take a few minutes to get everything in the 4-Runner. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why my radio in the 4-runner quit? I checked the two fuses that have something to do with it but replacing them did not get my radio working.

I was on Harris Beach a while back and took some video of a flock of Snowy Plovers. I tried to get a few still photos of them but they were always on the move and hard to focus in on. I posted one video frame of them in flight. See below.

11 Jan 2021: Overcast day with sprinkles starting around 5 pm. The drive to Gold Beach was uneventful. I traveled to Gold Beach to get a new wood cutting permit and called them first to make sure they were open to obtain a permit. My mistake was not saying a wood cutting permit. When I got there, the door was locked but there was a guy sitting inside at his desk with a covid masks on. On a table outside the front door were applications for mushroom picking permits. Nothing for wood cutting permits. I went back to the car and telephoned the guy. He told me they do not open the office until the covid crap is over. I was a little ticked off as they should have told me that over the phone to save me a trip of 30 miles. He then told me I did not need a permit to cut up to 4 cords of wood.

Last night for the first time since living up here on the mountain, I heard coyotes howling. There were two as they were answering each other from different parts of the valley below. Love hearing them. I will have to put some bait out with my trail cam and see if I can attract them. I have not had my trail cam out in a long while. It is time to see what is prowling about at night.

Leaving Gold Beach today, I hooked up my Go-Pro knock off as a dash cam and recorded some of my trek back to Brookings. Turned out pretty good. I need to use that cam more.

09 Jan 2021: The last two days have been somewhat nice with no rain but another storm is supposed to come in late tonight. I have been going through all my boxes in the garage pulling out all my law enforcement stuff to do something with it. I have complete cases on a few homicides that I am sure some amateur crime fighters might enjoy. Eventually I will make them available someday.

Yesterday while out in the yard I saw a small eagle fly over and as usual, no camera was available.

FS Road 1407

My Metal Detectors.

03 Nov 2020: Hunting FS Road 1407.

Hunting FS Road 1407

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