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Dale Parker

The following words come from his wife,  The woman who has been with him throughout his adult life.  I didn't ask for any praise from her, it came natural in an email as we were talking about other things.

The Words of Jean Parker:

Dale has always been an enigma. All the things he has accomplished during his life. 

People don't believe a lot of it because of having only one eye. Dale has always been an enigma.  All the things he has accomplished during his life.  People don't believe a lot of it because of having only one eye. But they don't know that the strength from that one eye has gone into his good one and he could shoot better, drive better,  see better and farther than most people with 2 good eyes. And he had to overcome people looking at him funny or not looking at him or writing him off as someone who didn't know anything.

Dale's having one eye never bothered me. We sat next to each other in art class and we hit it off right away. I went out with other guys and we were just friends and never went out until we were out of school.  He played the guitar in his high school and played on stage at programs and sang. Then he met Burl Ives at the collage and even played his guitar for him.  Burl said he should have his own radio show and then suddenly he did.

15 min. every Sat after the noon news.  My grandparents never missed.  They didn't know who he was, just that they liked his music. Then he had his whole group on,  did real good until they sang the song,  "Cigarettes and,Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women",  which was "the" song then, and the church ladies didn't think a 16 year old should be singing that song and they got him kicked off the radio. Too bad too as he had a big following of kids and grownups. I never missed his program either.

Dale always did draw pictures, mostly western as he liked Charlie Russel. But his guitar was the bigger interest and his horse,Smokey. He left home at 15 and stayed with friends who had a ranch with horses and cows and would go chasing wild horses east of the mountains every year.  He also packed for hunters up in the Cascade Mountains.

Dale didn't actually begin painting until we lived here ( Nevada ) in 86, 87.  A painter named Bob Ross used to teach it on the PBS channel and Dale started watching and the neighbor boy gave him his oil paints, brushes and canvas to encourage him to do it.  Then after we moved back to Smith river in '87',  Pam Kline, who lived a house away, who was a long time friends, a painter herself,  encouraged him and helped him when he got stuck. He then painted some good ones and Pam entered them in the fair for him and he won ribbons on all of them. First,  second and a third place.

So after that he never stopped. The painting with the elk in the forground, Dale sold to a friend of ours. A friend made the frame for it and we bought a brass plate with the name engraved on it.  High Cascade Elk, by Dale Parker and the date of the painting.

Jean Parker

The Dale Parker Show

From one who never heard Dale on the radio, I was privy to his playing and singing at his home years later during the time him and I were friends and working on the job.

Probably one of the meanest, reditions of Mule Skinner Blues was from none other than Dale Parker one night as we were over to his home and after a few "drinks" he picked up his guitar and "WOW", I was amazed. What a talent he had.

As to what his wife said about his shooting abilities, I can confirm that as he and I did a lot of shooting during qualifying for the job.

The clipping on the left is from a newspaper ad about his radio show. Pretty damn neat.

Dale was working at the fish hatchery in Orick, California when I first met him. I was on the job in an adjoining county and working an escape from a prison camp. I was working an undercover car in the area trying to locate the escapee and Dale came across him down in his area and captured him. From there Dale eventually applied for and got a job in the same department I worked in and eventually was the resident deputy in Smith River, California. Dale is the voice on the Ship Ashore Mass Murder DVD, about the murders at a motel in Smith River. He narrates the DVD as to his involvement on that fateful morning. He tells his story with true emotion.

Deputy Sheriff Dale Parker, member of the Del Norte County Sheriff's Department. He was assigned to the Smith River area as a resident deputy. He was also a deputy coroner for the County.

In 1975, Dale, along with 7 other officers, were cited for their dedication and work during the initial investigation of a mass murder. Dale, being the first officer on scene, faced untold danger and without regard for his own safety, helped the injured and assisted in securing the scene until help could arrive. His story is told on the DVD which can be purchased by contacting the publishers via email theramblings@gmail.com   along with the book telling the entire story of the murders, the capture of the killer and subsequent trial and the surprise ending.  Dale was instrumental in the identification of the mass murderer.

The DVD will not be available after September 15th, 2011 from the publishers/printers but special ordered from CND Media direct.