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Dale Parker

Dale Parker and I have been friends for many years. We worked together and even sipped a few drinks together after work or at a party. Some good times and some very tense times on the job. 

Dale was a cop, a damn good cop and one who didn't mind getting down and dirty when justice had to be dealt. But through all those years and the years after the job, I didn't know of his talents as an artist and writer. With poetry and paintings, he showed the other side of a man dedicated. 

Update: Dale passed away on October 13th 2012. He will be so missed by everyone who knew him. We wish his family well and we wish Dale a good and peaceful journey to his eternity.


Parker and black powder, Parker and the elements. His realm, his home, his love of  the outdoors. A man who never wavered on the job. A friend, co-worker and someone you liked to have as your back up, especially  with his shooting skills.

Dale and some of his paintings and awards (We framed the orig. photo)

Another of Dale's  paintings ( We put it in the frame)

Another of Dale's  paintings (We put it in the oval and frame)

Dale; A true cowboy he was with a friends work horse

Dale on his horse