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The colors of Fall on FS 1407.

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27 Nov 2021: Little over a month left in this year of 2021. Can`t wait for 2022 amd especially November 2022 with we have elections. If the vote isn't done right, we will lose out country to the Marxist also known as Democrats. This liberal left is nothing but a cult trying to destroy our country and if we don`t stop them now, it will be impossible to do it later.

I put some fresh deer meat scraps out with my trail cam and nothing was attracted. In the past I could put out a few pieces of bread and all kinds of animals would show up but not now. It could be from the logging operation across the North Fork of the Chetco River. The only wild animals we see around here are doe`s and a few spikes.

17 Nov 2021: Hunting season is over so now have to find other things to do to keep from being stale or bored. At my age it is hard to stay interested in things that would keep me busy. I`ll be making a couple of plaques for two European mounts. That would keep me busy for a while.

10 Nov 2021: A cloudy, drizzle type day with sprinkles starting in around 7 pm. I did some cleaning of the garage floor where we butchered Linda`s deer. I cleaned up the tarps used and they are still outside being rained on which will help clean them. Tomorrow I`ll use Clorox and soap to sanitize them. I had a few more scrapes, like deer bones which I took up into the hills for the wildlife. The stuff I took up a few days ago is all gone. It didn`t take the wildlife long to devour it all.

07 Nov 2021: Today was spent getting rid of the scrap from skinning the deer. We always take back into the hills what is left as the bears, fox, cougars and ravens will eat it all up within a few days. Two years ago we buried the waste not far from the house and set up the trail cam and captured bear and fox digging it up and carrying it all off. Even a large unknown bird got some of it. Make sure you check out the new link the hills showing some of the scenery of the Lower Ransom Road.

05 Nov 2021: Deer hunting season is now over. We spent this evening skinning Linda`s deer. It`s now cleaned and wrapped for a day or two of hanging then the job of cutting and wrapping. I have the job of boning it and Linda cuts and wraps.

04 Nov 2021: Next to the last day of hunting so we took off for an early and late afternoon hunt. There was some rain and we didn't see a damn deer. Around 5 pm Linda and the grandson decided to walk up this sloping ravine while I chose another ravine. I jumped a large doe but nothing chasing it. The rut wasn`t in full gear yet. About 30 to 45 minutes I heard a shot a long ways off then a pause and a second shot. I didn`t think it was Linda as it was a good mile away then she got on the walkie talkie and said she got one and it was down. They tried to drag it but said it was too heavy. So they walked out and we called for help as it was getting dark. Help arrived and Linda gave him a general description where it was at but now it was dark. He insisted to go look for it. About 40 or so minutes later he came over the walkie talkie saying he found it. He walked out to get a rope and went back. It was now heavy fog and dripping rain. Around 10 pm the deer was finally on the road and gutted, loaded and brought home. Small antlers but nice body. Have to give credit to the grandson as he wanted to keep walking and that was when they spotted the buck. He talked Linda to keep going. It was cold, wet and extremely foggy where you couldn`t see more than 30 feet at times. It was a relief to get off the mountain.

03 Nov 2021: Been busy hunting. So far no venison in the freezer but two misses. We have a young spike in the yard but way too small to shoot. Maybe 30 pounds of meat total if he was cut up and wrapped. Not worth it. He is starting to sniff the doe`s but they have nothing to do with him. Tonight it is raining like hell with lots of wind so hunting we will go tomorrow. It is always nice to see these deer in the wild but better yet if they had antlers. I`ll be taking my chainsaw tomorrow in case

24 Oct 2021: Lots of rain and strong winds over night covering our lawn with limbs. Not a good day to go into this hills with this wild ass wind. Good chance to be hit by a falling tree and/or risk being trapped behind some fallen trees. Might be a good time to hunt but we don`t like the risk factor. There will be better days to hunt. I do know I`ll be taking my chainsaw when I do resume hunting. We`ve had 6 inches of rain in these last three days.

19 Oct 2021: We were hunting in heavy rain and strong winds. It was hard to see much of anything but we kept at it. About a half mile from us the grandson was hunting and spotted a buck and downed him with one shot. A nice three point. We located him and his hunting partner and helped them gut it. By that time it was dark. We spotted one deer but it was running so fast we couldn't tell what it was. It disappeared behind a knoll and never seen again. We are happy for the grandson as it was his first year hunting at 12 years old.

15 Oct 2021: This damn weather is not good for deer hunting. If you are out to just to see the sites then it`s good but that doesn`t bring home anything for the freezer. We saw just one deer today in the hunting area but several near the house when leaving and a few just up the road. All of the female type. This morning going into town I saw what appeared to be a spike or maybe a small forked horn on private property. At least it was a buck. We saw a lot of bear scat today so bears are roaming the roads.

13 Oct 2021: One small buck was spotted but after the shot, it disappeared down into a gully and no trace of it was observed after that. It walked slow after the shot but left no blood trail. Then it started to rain and the clouds make it get darker than normal which made it hard to see much of anything so we came home.

05 Oct 2021: Into the hills we went as it was raining. We came across a couple of hunters who said they saw bucks but couldn`t get a shot off. We didn't see anything until we were heading out of the hills and we came across a nice herd of elk. One nice bull and about 20 of his harem. When we got off the forest service road and onto the pave road, a nice doe crossed the road in front of us, leap over a fence and disappeared into the brush.

02 Oct 2021: A good day if you can call it a good day not bringing any meat home. One buck was spotted but before Linda could get in position, a shot rang out and a guy appeared about 50 feet up the gully where she was at. He told her he had been tracking the little buck for about a half mile. . About an hour later, we were traveling down this dirt road when a bear popped up and stood broadside in the road about 100 feet from us. Linda got out and scoped it and we both determined it was a young bear and too little to shoot. We estimated his weight to be about 100 pounds, so we let him lumber down the road in front of us stopping a couple of times to look at us and he finally went off the road and down a steep embankment and disappeared into the thick brush. To us it was a good day. The grandson was with us and he is the one who spotted the buck. We passed by that spot again coming out of the hills and saw a small gut sack. Arriving home, there were 8 deer in our yard, not one of them a buck.

4 Nov 2021: The day before the end of the season, Linda got her buck, about a mile from FS 1407
It was raining, foggy and we finally got it to the road about 10 pm with the help from a friend.
He did most of the work, thank goodness.

19 Oct 2021: Not only wet but damn cold.

19 Oct 2021: Hunting in the storm.

19 Oct 2021: Hunting in the storm.

05 Oct 2021: The elk herd we came across and no elk tag.

First Day of season

Linda`s Buck from last year

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